Flautino Concerto in C Major, RV 443
(arranged for Recorder)
Concerto in C Minor, RV 441
Concerto in F, RV 433 "La tempesta di mare"
(arranged for Recorder)
Lucie Horsch
Amsterdam Vivaldi Players
Int. Release 07 Oct. 2016
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Track List

Antonio Vivaldi (1678 - 1741)
Flautino Concerto in C Major, RV 443

Arr. in G Major for Recorder



Concerto in C Minor for Recorder & Strings, RV 441

Concerto in C Minor for Recorder & Strings, RV 441


Concerto in C Minor for Recorder & Strings, RV 441


Nisi Dominus, RV 608

Flute Concerto In G Minor, Op.10, No.2, RV439 - "La notte"

Arr. for Recorder, Strings and Continuo



Lucie Horsch, Amsterdam Vivaldi Players

Concerto for 2 Mandolins, Strings and Continuo in G major, RV 532

Lucie Horsch, Gregor Horsch, Soren Leupold

Concerto In F Major For Flute & Strings, Op.10, No.1, RV 433 "La tempesta di mare"

Arr. for Recorder, Strings and Continuo




Il Giustino, RV 717

Arr. for Recorder

Act 2

Lucie Horsch, Amsterdam Vivaldi Players

Violin Concerto in E Major, Op. 8, No. 1, RV 269 "La Primavera"

Lucie Horsch

Total Playing Time: 53:24

. . . [a] terrific debut from a brilliant young performer.

. . . a charming disc of Vivaldi concertos . . .

. . . [Lucie Horsch] is very good, displaying a phenomenal technique right from RV443's virtuoso opening movement; articulation is never short of immaculate and her control across the dynamic range is equally secure. Another plus is the programme's variety . . . it's a strong start to a recording career.

. . . [the advantage of Horsch's soprano instrument] is evident in the seductive siciliano of the Largo of RV 443. Lucie Horsch employs ornamentation sparingly, as in other movements, but always aptly . . . In the fast movements of this concerto, the rapid arpeggios and scale passages are played, not only accurately and in strict time, but with interestingly varied articulation. The same is true of the Concerto in C minor RV 441 with its challenging demisemiquaver broken chords which Horsch brings off with absolute clarity and spot-on timing. This is a robust and highly satisfying performance . . . The darker sound of the ebony instrument used for "La notte" certainly makes for an atmospheric effect. With a suitably lively rendering of RV 433, Lucie Horsch has put together a strong backbone of concerto performances on this, her debut disc. But there is more, and very interesting it is too . . . [the transcription from Vivaldi's setting of Psalm 126 gives] Horsch the opportunity of showing that she has a real feeling for beautiful singing lines. The dignified gravitas of her playing in the "Cum Dederit" is especially affecting . . . Horsch provides a poised "vocal" line in the aria "Vedr˛ con mio diletto" from Vivaldi's opera "Il Giustino" . . . [the first movement allegro of the "Spring" concerto from "The Four Seasons"] gives us a delightful ornithological extract. Throughout, Lucie Horsch's performances are outstanding . . . [the] robust ensemble of bowed and plucked strings ideally complements the solo instrument . . . when you consider that she is but seventeen and already playing with assured maturity, the future of Dutch recorder playing seems guaranteed for many years.

. . . dazzling, sophisticated performances . . . [a] superb Decca debut recording . . . [Horsch is] a talented and passionate young advocate for the instrument . . . including the haunting and atmospheric "La notte" and the evocative "Tempesta di mare" . . .