FIELD Complete Nocturnes


Complete Nocturnes
Elizabeth Joy Roe
Int. Release 06 May. 2016
1 CD / Download

. . . fascinating . . . Roe brings pin-sharp accuracy coupled with tender lyricism to the pieces, that hopefully will now win back the attention they so richly deserve.

. . . [there are] any number of ways in which I can advocate the quiet intimacy of the Field pieces; and Roe has no trouble establishing just the right rhetorical stance for such quiet intimacy . . . Roe's readings of Field come across as a breath of fresh air . . . a listening experience that is ultimately grounded in unassuming modesty . . .

Roe is a fine player and these undervalued works are finally getting some major-label love . . . [Roe offers some] intense readings . . . Music this great deserves multiple and varied interpretations, and Roe's are generally convincing.

The Nocturne No. 18 in F major is . . . exceptional for its feeling of resignation and sadness. Field is usually content to write music that is merely pleasing, but here he has captured something more. Roe captures it too in a sensitive performance . . . we should be grateful for a fine new recording that brings all 18 nocturnes together on one CD.

In nocturnes such as Nos. 1, 5 and 6, Roe skillfully displays Field's recipe of a singable, ornamented melody in the right hand accompanied by rippling arpeggios or widely spaced chords in the left. No. 4 might be the most beautiful, its bittersweet tune unfolding in Roe's pearly runs with crepuscular harmonies . . . Field's nocturnes have similar moods, but careful listening reveals that Roe makes each an individual portrait . . . Roe's solo recording career is just beginning. Let's hope for more fine playing . . .

Crammed onto this single CD (look at the total timing!) is every Nocturne Field wrote. Perhaps one can take only so much beauty. But play a few at a time and wonder at Roe's divine lyricism and phrasing.

Elizabeth Joy Roe treats Field's Nocturnes as subtle, unadorned music, and her strength is in drawing out their poetic enchantment. Her gentle dynamics and sparing use of rubato suit the music ideally. Her graceful treatment of Nocturne 8, to choose one among several gems, stands out as a wistful marvel. This CD is excellent throughout, and by far the one to get . . . The sound on this recording is as perfect as one could want . . . For now, you are unlikely to find his celebrated Nocturnes played more gracefully than on this disc by Elizabeth Joy Roe.

. . . eloquent . . . lovely and enjoyable . . . [Roe delivers] understated yet extremely elegant and thoughtful playing . . .

La jeune pianiste Elizabeth Joy Roe trouve un délicat équilibre entre intériorité, fougue et pudeur dans un univers personnel et puissamment original . . . [voici donc 18 Nocturnes] sous les doigts d'une musicienne qui les a très longtemps et patiemment traversés, explorés, mesurés; un à un, quitte à en réaliser comme ici, une édition critique inédite . . . Au carrefour des esthétiques et des disciplines, le goût de la jeune pianiste, déjà très cultivée, enchante littéralement chez Field dont elle sait éclairer toute l'ombre propice et allusive . . . Récital très convaincant. D'autant plus recommandable qu'il révèle et confirme la sensibilité poétique et profonde du compositeur pianiste irlandais.