MAHLER Symphony No. 2


Symphony No. 2
Cotrubas · Ludwig
Wiener Staatsopernchor
Wiener Philharmoniker
Int. Release 06 Jan. 2014

Track List

Gustav Mahler (1860 - 1911)
Symphony No. 2 in C Minor "Resurrection"

Wiener Philharmoniker, Zubin Mehta

4: "Urlicht"

Christa Ludwig, Wiener Philharmoniker, Zubin Mehta

Wiener Philharmoniker, Zubin Mehta

Ileana Cotrubas, Wiener Staatsopernchor, Wiener Philharmoniker, Zubin Mehta

Ileana Cotrubas, Christa Ludwig, Wiener Staatsopernchor, Wiener Philharmoniker, Zubin Mehta

Total Playing Time: 1:21:12

. . . one of the best, if not the very best rendition of this composition that has ever been recorded, and since its original release in 1975, has been on the short list of its most recommended recordings . . . A true embarrassment of riches, all three high-resolution versions are sonically outstanding . . . The orchestral colors are natural with visceral presentation of the tympani at the beginning of the third movement and the massive brass chorales in the fifth movement. But the crown jewel of the VPO is their string section that gets the appropriate warmth as would be found in the concert hall. The solo vocalists also receive near perfect miking with a real live performance perspective . . . this one takes the audio sweepstakes prize for most life-like sound. It does not hurt that all of the stars aligned in this performance with obvious synergy between conductor, orchestra, and vocal forces . . . I have heard none better in any respect than this account from Vienna, now lovingly given the High Fidelity Pure Audio treatment. Belying its nearly four decades of age, Ray Minshull's Decca recording team really got this one right in the fabulous Sofiensaal performance venue. If you do not already own this magnificent symphony (or even if you have another performance) this is one that you must add to your library while it is still available.

. . . [a] spectacular Mahler Second . . . If you're a two-channel hi-res aficionado and want to have more than one version of this classic Mahler symphony -- felt by many to be his best -- by all means pick this one up . . . There are plenty of printed notes with this Blu-ray, and a complete English translation of the vocal and choral parts. The often overwhelming drama of the work is well expressed by the Viennese forces and the recording cannot be faulted . . . The bass end of the spectrum is especially strong in comparison to some of the other versions.

. . . [an] impressive performance . . . Now re-released on Blu Ray Audio, it definitely sounds more open and natural than the CD, with less tonal hardening in the big climaxes . . . the chorus expands better at the end of the work, and instrumental balances seem more realistic and natural.