ANNE SOFIE VON OTTER Wings in the Night

Wings in the Night

Swedish Songs

Werke von / Works by
Hugo Alfvén · Sigurd von Koch
Wilhelm Peterson-Berger
Ture Rangström · Emil Sjögren
Wilhelm Stenhammar
Bengt Forsberg, Piano
Int. Release 15 Feb. 1996
DDD 0289 449 1892 2 GH

Track List

Wilhelm Peterson-Berger (1867 - 1942)
"Fridolins visor": Svensk Lyrik II, Hft. 1

"Fyra visor i svensk folkton" op.5

Sigurd von Koch (1879 - 1919)
Karl Wilhelm Eugen Stenhammar (1871 - 1927)
Visor och stämningar, op.26

Ture Rangström (1884 - 1947)
Wilhelm Peterson-Berger (1867 - 1942)
"Marits visor": 3 dikter ur "En glad gut" av B. Bj¢rnson, op.12

Sigurd von Koch (1879 - 1919)
De Vilda Svanarna

Hugo Alfvén (1872 - 1960)
7 dikter, op.28 [Rudén 63] (Thiel)

Karl Wilhelm Eugen Stenhammar (1871 - 1927)
4 Dikter av Verner von Heidenstam, op.37 (von Heidenstam)

Ture Rangström (1884 - 1947)
Wilhelm Peterson-Berger (1867 - 1942)
"Fridolins lustgård": Svensk Lyrik II, Hft. 2 (Karlfeld)

"Offerkransar": Svensk Lyrik III, Hft.2 (Österling)

Emil Sjögren (1853 - 1918)
6 Lieder aus Julius Wolff's Tannhäuser, op.12 (Wolff)

Wilhelm Peterson-Berger (1867 - 1942)
"Fridolins lustgård": Svensk Lyrik II, Hft. 2 (Karlfeld)

Anne Sofie von Otter, Bengt Forsberg

Total Playing Time: 1:13:38

The performances are superb, quiet shadings of colour and subtle phrasings under immaculate control, a mere thread of voice often used to draw you into the heart of a song quite magically.

Not all CD recitals could hold you riveted in the concert hall, but this one would . . . [von Otter] recalls Söderström in her ability to communicate intense feeling, and her willingness to push her voice . . . with overwhelming results that made me wish I was hearing this programme live . . . Superb performances of music not only worth discovering but to return to.

. . . Yet again von Otter proves herself a supreme artist, her voice pure, full-bodied and unconstrained. But more thrilling still is the way she communicates: you sense that every syllable has been considered for meaning and weight, but nothing is forced or studied, and the effect is beautiful and uplifting . . . Bengt Forsberg proves her equal at the keyboard: infinitely responsive, and assertive but never dominating.

Partout le duo Anne-Sofie von Otter -- Bengt Forsberg est magnifique: dans la douceur [...], la conduite des gradations [...], la narration [...]. Chez von Otter on remarquera tout particulièrement la nouvelle maîtrise et le rayonnement du registre aigu [...], le soutien du souffle, permettant des pianissimos extatiques. [...] Ce disque original recèle une intelligence, un plaisir musical et une tenue interprétative à marquer d'une pierre blanche.