SIBELIUS Violin Concerto / Mutter, Previn


Violin Concerto

2 Serenades op. 69

Humoresque op. 87 No. 1
Anne-Sophie Mutter
Staatskapelle Dresden
André Previn
Int. Release 15 Dec. 1995
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Track List

Jean Sibelius (1865 - 1957)
Violin Concerto in D Minor, Op. 47

Two Serenades, Op.69

Humoresque no.1 in D minor, op.87 no.1

Anne-Sophie Mutter, Staatskapelle Dresden, André Previn

Total Playing Time: 48:44

Anne-Sophie Mutter has plenty to say -- and she communicates her idiosyncratic vision while following Sibelius's markings more closely than most. With Previn leaning on the Staatskapelle Dresden's dark weight, Mutter's opening notes peek through the night, leading to a sudden violent crescendo. Her arpeggios in the first movement get their full note values, and the coda has a revved-up life force . . . you won't be bored.