HONEGGER Symphonies No. 2 + 3 / Karajan

No. 2 for Strings and Trumpet
No. 3 »Liturgique · Liturgica«

Concerto in D
for String Orchestra
Fritz Wesenigk
Berliner Philharmoniker
Herbert von Karajan
Int. Release 14 Jul. 1995
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The Originals

Track List

Arthur Honegger (1892 - 1955)
Symphony No.2


Berliner Philharmoniker, Herbert von Karajan

Franz Wesenigk, Berliner Philharmoniker, Herbert von Karajan

Symphony No.3 - "Liturgique"

Igor Stravinsky (1882 - 1971)
Concerto in D Major for String Orchestra "Basle"


Berliner Philharmoniker, Herbert von Karajan

Total Playing Time: 1:11:10

. . . simply untouchable in the art of conducting . . .
[477 4152]: Here is 'the Karajan sound' in full cry, blending weight and drama with momentum and exquisite shading.
[477 4352]: Karajan championed this work as a profound statement on World War II, and endows it with the utmost intensity.
[477 4222]: Karajan's sumptuous yet flowing treatment of this score is a perfect foil to the rich purity of Janowitz's singing.
[474 5372]: Recorded live, this account offers blends of calculation and spontaneity, sweep and detail: Karajan's most expressive Mahler performance.
[476 1654]: Another live recording endows the monumental scope typical of Karajan's Bruckner with a sense of humanity that is enormously moving.

Karajan is at his finest in these two modern masterpieces, a surprising choice for him, perhaps, but clearly music that touched his heart.

A classic -- Karajan and Symphony no. 3 were made for each other.

Diese Sinfonie, ein Mahnmal des Zweiten Weltkriegs, hat Karajan offenbar geliebt. Er hat sie zwar nicht oft dirigiert, doch wenn er's at, dann mit Leidenschaft. So wie hier.