VOCES8 - LUX 4788053

. . . a superior vocal ensemble . . . As we have come to expect, the eight voices blend perfectly together and the effect is hauntingly beautiful.

. . . [you won't find many recitals] at the moment that are more beautiful and gracefully put together than this one . . . A stunning disc of a cappella choral music.

. . . enjoyable . . . an ultra-smooth, ultra-lovely program . . .

. . . a rollercoaster adventure . . . Great texts and great melodies make up a radiant collection of choral pieces, all of which make for a very satisfying listening experience . . .

. . . the lovely "Teardrop" works astonishingly well . . . Thematically, it's a clever concept, and is both programmed and sung with rare intelligence . . . the ensemble has a distinctive texture and the acoustics are responsive but not too bright . . . [one surprise highlight is "The Luckiest"] by pop singer Ben Folds. Magical.

These "voces" are expressive, evenly blended, and admirably attuned to the dynamic contrasts built into the music . . . [the smoothness of their delivery makes this music sound] exquisite in their care. It's hard to imagine the Mealor and Gjeilo settings of "Ubi Caritas" sounding any lovelier than they do here . . . Allegri's haunting "Miserere" is another highlight, with the soprano plucking her entrances out of the stratosphere as stylishly as anyone who's tried to get up there. Rachmaninoff and Tavener come off beautifully, as does the Elgar "Lux Aeterna" . . . this is a handsome program that lives up to its luminous name. The booklet has it all.

. . . a programme which evokes the ethereal from this talented vocal ensemble . . . a highly polished and sophisticated vocal ensemble, combining technical proficiently with an interestingly clear idea of their sound and vocal quality . . . Technique is superb throughout the disc, and all concerned sing with great control and a fine sense of balance, tone quality is carefully burnished too . . . There is a stunning quality to the vocalism on this disc, and a great deal to admire. Voces8 has a remarkable consistency to their style, bringing a rather romantic feel with vocal techniques a world away from traditional choral singing, yet remarkably akin too . . . if your ears are open then there is much to enjoy.

Lux, the Latin word for light, is a fine way to describe the delicate touch and ethereal sound of the eight-voice a capella ensemble known as Voces8 . . . Thomas Tallis's "O nata lux" offers the added interest of a subtle saxophone obbligato, played with delicate restraint by Christian Forshaw, and Matthew Sharp's mellow cello tones give Patrick Hawes's "Prayer to a Guardian Angel" an emotional underpinning. Morten Lauridsen's take on "O nata lux" offers richly uplifting clusters and sunset-like resolutions . . . [Mealor / "Ubi caritas"]: The sonorous pedal tones of the low male voices cushion the dissonances of Mealor's contrary motion melodic lines, leaving the listener with a pronounced sense of peace.

Cleanly recorded . . . and with excellent dynamic range . . .