STRAUSS Elektra / Nilsson, Resnik 4831494

. . . the recording of choice . . . Nilsson's performance -- forceful, controlled and emotionally vibrant -- carries the day.

. . . [Nilsson]: an Elektra unsurpassed in the modern era . . . in the passage where she is mourning her supposedly dead brother she substitutes a sense of desperation which harrows the senses . . . [Regina Resnik as Klytemnaestra is] plunging into the lowest depths of the contralto voice with sinister effect . . . [the chorus]: they are excellent in their brief contributions towards the end.

"Elektra", of course, is one of the roles for which Nilsson was most famous, and you can hear why right from the opening monologue here. Her tirelessness, musicality and trademark laser-like tone mark out a formidable performance . . . one hears afresh how carefully this recording is balanced . . . [Solti's conducting] is carefully gauged and balanced . . . there's no doubting the care that he takes with the orchestra or the virtuosity with which they respond . . . with one of the greatest LP-era Wagnerians in the title-role . . . and stunningly vivid playing from the Vienna Philharmonic under Solti . . . [a] landmark recording . . .

. . . there is a synergy between conductor, orchestra, soloists and production team that delivers something uniquely special. Georg Solti was very much in his element . . . [this recording] couldn't be more strongly recommended, not only on musical and production grounds, but as significant pieces of gramophone history . . . In short, buy [it] . . . a vivid experience . . . the Vienna Philharmonic play superbly throughout, with the cohesion of a single organism.

Perhaps her single greatest studio achievement in terms of outright passion and virtuosity . . . It also enshrines one of her finest collaborations with Sir Georg Solti.