SCRIABIN Lisitsa 4788435

. . . [she guides] the listener into the elusive nuclei of the piano music of [Scriabin, and what beauties she discover there!] . . . even among a progression of authoritative performances her accounts of the Nocturne from Opus 9 and "Prélude et Nocturne pour la main gauche" [are exceptional] . . . The Two Impromptus of Opus 14 are marvelously differentiated by the pianist's insightful approach, the Allegretto piece dispatched with dynamism and its Andante cantabile partner distinguished by open-hearted expressivity that is wholly free of artifice . . . Closing with the first and third of the Opus 65 Études, Lisitsa's survey of Scriabin's music is enriched by a galvanizing performance of the Allegretto Étude . . . The frenetic Molto vivace receives from the pianist a performance that encapsulates the essence of Scriabin's art: respect and a measure of nostalgia for the past, trust in the present, and a vibrantly original vision of the future.

With her emphasis on early and rare Scriabin, Valentina Lisitsa provides an alternative universe . . . ["Nocturne pour la main gauche seule"]: Lisitsa's block chords and runs enjoy a pearly, sensuous resonance, the watery middle-register and high-tessitura arpeggios often creating the illusion of two hands . . . Potent piano sound from Patrick Allen and Executive Producer Alexander Van Ingen.

The predominant quality of the Lisitsa disc is charm. She plays the early pieces, most of which sound nothing like mature Scriabin, with attractive delicacy and lucidity . . .

Kein Zweifel, dies ist eine der besten und persönlichsten CDs der Valentina Lisitsa.

Pour l'essentiel, des raretés de jeunesse, souvent chopiniennes d'inspiration, apaisées de caractère . . . parfois révélatrices (telle cette version alternative de la célèbre "Etude op. 8 no. 12") . . . On est sensible au charme de la "Valse op. 1", aux tournures inattendues du "Klavierstück en si bémol mineur", à la fougue de la "Polonaise op. 21". Valentina Lisitsa dévoile une facette effectivement plus nuancée . . . L'amateur fera des découvertes s'il n'a pas déjà le coffret.