Gluck Italian Arias, CECILIA BARTOLI


Italian Arias: La Corona,
Antigono, La Clemenza Di Tito,
Il Parnaso Confuso, Ezio,
La Semiramide Riconosciuta
Cecilia Bartoli
Akademie für Alte Musik Berlin
Bernhard Forck
Int. Release 17 Aug. 2001
1 CD / Download
CD 0289 467 2482 8 dh Decca DDD


Christoph Willibald von Gluck (1714 - 1787)
La Clemenza di Tito

Il Parnaso confuso

Ezio, Wq 31

La Semiramide riconosciuta, Wq 13

La Corona


La Clemenza di Tito

Antigono, Wq 21

Cecilia Bartoli, Akademie für Alte Musik Berlin, Bernhard Forck

총 재생시간 1:06:38

. . . [these arias] are sung with an extraordinary emotional force and technical skill¿ not to say a sheer beauty of tone¿ that I cannot imagine being matched by any other singer today. Cecilia Bartoli's range is formidable. In the first aria¿ from La clemenza di Tito¿ she sings with trumpet­l-ike tone and brilliance of attack¿ throwing off wide-­spanning arpeggios with evident abandon and dispatching coloratura with fluency and precision¿ each note articulated and perfectly tuned -- like a row of faultless pearls¿ each one glistening. The second¿ an elegantly pathetic little piece from the later "Il Parnaso confuso"¿ is a tour de force of delicate¿ tender pianissimo singing . . . she gently draws out certain phrases¿ almost imperceptibly yet with a refinement and sensibility that are immensely affecting . . . The third¿ from Ezio¿ begins with an orchestral recitative of thrilling dramatic urgency and goes on to an aria of great passion . . . The aria from "La corona" of 1765 has alternating slow and fast sections¿ rapt and intense music alternating with forceful expression and brilliant coloratura . . . The accompaniments provided by this Berlin period­-instrument group are splendidly alert¿ sensitive and pointed. A quite outstanding record that no one who loves fine singing can miss.