MARTYNAS 4785651

. . . [he] proves the accordion can make a hauntingly beautiful sound.

Martynas's subtle control of dynamics and lyrical line . . . [is impressive]. Try his lovely suave delivery of Verdi's "Force of Destiny" theme . . . [the arrangements] are effective, polished and skilfully produced . . . [if you cannot] smile at Bizet's "Carmen" Habanera, cleverly fused with the tango faithful "La Cumparsita", perhaps you should visit the doctor.

. . . [Martynas is as] formidable as an arranger as he is as a player; in the Vivaldi he is playing the role of a good deal of the orchestra as well as of soloist, and the small ensemble accompanying him is deployed in such a way that the contemporary pop rhythms seem to flow naturally out of the tangos and Eastern European dances of yore. The bottom line is that this is a tremendous amount of fun, and if you think you don't like accordions, think again.