THE DECCA SOUND Dutoit 4789466

. . . [a] really impressive collection . . . most desirable and attractive . . .

. . . a treasure trove of colourful repertoire, recorded in superb sound in the Church of Saint-Eustache . . . It was one of the finest acoustics in which Decca ever worked, and its mastery of the space left a legacy of recordings that still sound glorious . . . [I have never heard Ravel's "Daphnis et Chloe" ballet] sounding quite so ravishing . . . with its fine balancing and atmosphere, both spacious and detailed . . . Dutoit is a studio "natural"; he can galvanise his musicians to create the intensity of a live concert just for the microphones and his ear for orchestral colour always was -- and still is -- extraordinarily acute . . . he finds a subtly different colour for each composer. I particularly like the sound world he employs for his Berlioz . . . There's nothing brash here; instead it's painted in colours of a more subtle palette and the unsettling, slightly crazed quality of the work comes across with considerably more impact . . . [the disc called "Fête à la francaise'' is a] delectable confection of Chabrier, Dukas, Satie, Saint-Saens, Bizet, Thomas and Ibert, and you'd be hard-pressed to fault the panache and fizz that Dutoit brings; there are no compromises to be made when it comes to sound, either . . . This set is not just a superb collection of performances by a winning orchestra-and-conductor partnership, but it is also a dazzling tribute to Decca's engineering -- few companies have achieved such a consistent and glorious sound over so many years. The label "Decca Sound" really does mean something.

Charles Dutoit profiliert sich in seine Aufnahmen mit dem Montréal Orchester als gewitzter Pultlenker, der mit akkuratem Schliff am Detail den Klang des Orchesters meisterlich aufzufächern versteht . . . Seinen Aufnahmen in Montréal widmet er jenseits vordergründiger Expressivität viel Feinsteuerung und akkurat ausgehörten Gesamtklang. Den Freunden frankophiler Klänge sei die Decca Box nachdrücklich empfohlen.

Soit près de 25 années d'une entente artistique semée de réalisations comme d'accomplissements . . . Le coffret Decca sound regroupe les meilleures réalisations symphoniques, hors les deux intégrales lyriques qui ont connu elles aussi un très grand succès . . . les enregistrements Decca évoquent deux décennies de travail où le chef et le Symphonique de Montréal ont donné leur maximum, réalisant des enregistrements devenus des classiques du genre . . . une odyssée orchestrale passionnante.