FOSTER JENKINS Soundtrack 4830201

. . . "Florence Foster Jenkins" is a delightful film; both visually and audibly.

This "incidental music" perfectly captures the feel of New York in the '40s and reflects the mood and style of the various scenes. The highest compliment that I can pay Desplat is that his music was so effective in the movie I barely noticed it . . . it adds immeasurably to the charm and emotional landscape of the film . . . Desplat uses jazzy rhythms contrasting with bluesy notes and happy syncopation to create the perfect atmosphere for the story to unfold against . . . Streep conveys the pure joy in Florence's singing, awful as it is to everyone but her. It's moving when she sings, "When I Have Sung My Songs to You" in a lovely voice . . . But my favorite has to be Lakme's bell song, first sung in the film by the lovely Aida Garifullina . . . Throughout, Streep makes Florence's singing thoroughly amusing without being condescending. That's quite a feat, achieved with the help of Davies's fine and tasteful musical direction . . . for music lovers who know the legend of Florence Foster Jenkins, it's pure pleasure.

Her debut album of music . . . is a simply stunning work of musical art and showcases Aida's soaring vocals with tremendous clarity and smooth transition of notes. Simply put, this is an extraordinary album and deserves to be heard by lovers of classical music, of her, and of music in general . . . Personally, I first got introduced to Aida via her work on the "Florence Foster Jenkins" soundtrack, where she performs a stunningly beautiful version of Delibes' "The Bell Song" . . . In closing, it has to be noted that Aida Garifullina's vocals, looks, attitude are all top notch and her work here on "Aida" will make the hairs stand up on your arms. She is as equally talented as she is beautiful and commands that as much truth and verve are embroiled evenly within every note she brings forth, each and every time.