Phase 4 Stereo

A comprehensive 40 CD overview of some of the most sonically-spectacular albums ever made, from a period when Decca enjoyed a clear technological lead over its competitors.


INCEPTION: ‘Phase 4 stereo’ was created in 1961 as an American subsidiary of Decca, and steered to success by New Yorker Tony D’Amato. 200 classical releases were eventually released within this label, with the first major classical releases 50 years ago in 1964.

IMMEDIACY OF SOUND & A WIDE SOUND SPECTRUM: Using Decca’s 20-channel mixing desk, the label aimed to deliver an immediacy of sound which new recording and the LP techniques permitted, and thus give listeners an experience they would not obtain anywhere else either in the concert hall or from other labels. Phase 4 vividly expanded the scope and spectrum of recorded sound. See the YouTube video for details.

THE TECHNOLOGY: A 4 track, 20 channel console mixer built especially by Decca. Each channel (recorded independently) of the console had equalisation and reverb/echo (electronic or chamber), and each channel was assignable to any of the 4 tracks of an Ampex tape recorder. For the early to mid-sixties this was state-of-the-art

Phase 4 in four minutes

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