CLAUDIO ARRAU 3 Classic Albums 4786705

Someone at Universal Music deserves a raise. All of the "3 Classic Albums" releases have been excellent in their own right, but this one deserves special mention . . . this pack simply presents three excellent albums featuring the composers that Arrau was most associated with. What a concept! . . . Arrau was a masterful Beethoven player, and his rock-solid and solemn interpretations easily merit consideration today . . . The "Diabelli Variations" aren't easy to pull off, but Arrau makes them a tightly-argued and cogent whole. He's well-caught by the (then) Phillips engineers, who always gave their best for these recordings. I'm really taken by the range of expression that the Chilean virtuoso conjures up, all married to a clear fidelity to the score, and a deep feeling for the music. This is actually my first exposure to the complete work; I'm certainly convinced of its greatness based on a reading of this magnitude . . . [Chopin / Waltzes]: At slower speeds, I feel that Arrau finds a tremendous amount of color and emotional texture within the lines. And "deliberate" doesn't mean "heavy". Rather, these readings thrive on inner voices and an unfailing elegance that one appreciates more and more as time passes . . . [Liszt]: we find a pair of concertos that impress for their sheer musical taste . . . Arrau gives his all to ensure clarity, and lovingly captures details no one else does . . . All three albums sound fine, look great, and show Arrau at his very best. An inspired compilation.