Los Angeles Master Chorale
Grant Gershon
Int. Release 03 Sep. 2012
1 CD / Download
The Grammy®-nominated Chorale’s Tribute to the Late Mystic Minimalist, Górecki

"Most Holy Mother," the second and longest of the songs, shows off the ensemble's lustrous blend, handsomely recorded in Walt Disney Concert Hall's warm but precise acoustic. "Miserere" is a quiet, contemplative record, beautifully sung. It creates a calm and welcoming space -- a perfect antidote to busy, disjointed lives too often led without repose.

Transporting isn't even the word for this haunting account of Gorecki's choral masterpiece. Its minimalist plea for redemption ventures to another, mysterious place, but as a response to authoritarian violence, it also exemplifies music's unique power to heal. Experts in Gorecki, Gershon and his LA singers deliver a stunning performance that does "Miserere" justice on all fronts, and "Lobgesang" and "Five Marian Songs" round out the disc beautifully.

Górecki's "Miserere" is at once universal and particular, restrained yet impassioned, transcendental yet human . . . This is simplicity laid bare across a vast temporal canvas, and the challenge is to communicate and project its large-scale architectural span. Previous recordings have managed to do this . . . but rarely have they exuded such physical warmth and beauty as in this performance by the Los Angeles Master Chorale directed by Grant Gershon . . .

Seine Chorwerke atmen die Luft der Liturgie im Gewand des aufgeklärten Demokraten. Diese Verbindung gelingt dem Los Angeles Master Chorale bestens . . . Mit positiver, spiritueller Energie versehen, gelingen dem LAMC . . . ebenso die "Marienlieder".

. . . in mustergültiger Art neu eingespielt . . .