HAYDN London Symphonies, vol.1 Royal Concertgebouw 4426112

. . . miraculously precise . . . the clarity of articulation and inner detail are almost past praise -- great credit to the Dutch players, not to mention the conductor and balance engineers . . . the results can be wholeheartedly recommended . . . superlative playing . . . recording is first-rate and perfectly matches the stature of the playing with an acoustic that is at once spacious and responsive to detail . . . [the Concertgebouw endows] the music with its richest tone . . . there's always a sense of forward momentum and motility about them, of inevitability, in a way . . . The virtues of Davis's "London" Symphonies are that they always shine out; there's a remarkable clarity to them -- those lovely, very characteristic woodwind solos especially . . . There's a homogeneity about the whole thing which is very rewarding and satisfying . . . a wonderful testament to a feeling of this music's central importance to the orchestral repertoire . . . They've stood the test of time.

Sir Colin Davis and the Concertgebouw's recordings from the late 1970s combine humanity, drama and pure fun.