MARIA Bartoli 0743252

No prima donna since Callas and Sutherland has excited such extreme reactions in audience and critics as Cecilia Bartoli. This pair of DVDs will delight her admires . . . it has to be heard and seen to be appreciated: serious fun.

Listening to and watching Bartoli, one is brought into the vortex of Malibran's magic. Of course, Bartoli as Bartoli is already a potent force: upbeat, energetic, extroverted, always working to improve her voice and interpretations . . . This is a dazzling concert and a most worthwhile project, for which I commend Bartoli with all my heart.

Her fastidious attention to detail is admirable . . . Rossini's willow song is one of the highlights of the Barcelona recital, with gorgeous, intimate singing and superb dramatic pacing from Bartoli, as well as especially fine work from the woodwinds and harp.

Highly dramatic and full of colour, "Infelice" might have been made for La Bartoli.