FAQ - Decca

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How can I purchase product?
You can search the Decca Classics catalogue at www.deccaclassics.com, which also details various retailers who stock our products.
How can I find out about new products/release dates?
We can’t wait to tell you about our new projects. You can find out all about them on our website www.deccaclassics.com - where information is usually available 1 to 2 months prior to the release date.
Our social media pages - www.facebook.com/deccaclassics and www.twitter.com/deccaclassics - also have information on our new releases as well as giving you a glimpse behind the scenes!
Why not sign up to our newsletter to hear about new releases and updates?
Missing, faulty or damaged
For any of the following issues, please contact your retailer directly.
• Defective CD/DVD/Blu-Ray
• Missing, lost or faulty booklets
• Damaged products
• Faulty, missing or duplicate CDs
Is there a complete DECCA discography?
You can search the complete Decca Discography at www.deccaclassics.com/cat/ and www.charm.rhul.ac.uk/discography/decca.html
Remastering (CD/Vinyl/HD Download)
Every effort is made to carefully remaster from original Decca analogue tapes where available and to faithfully reproduce the original intentions of the musicians and recording engineers – The music and performance must always be first and foremost!
Where appropriate we strive to produce stereo quality masters and definitive transfers from original tapes at 24bit/96kHz. Modern techniques of noise reduction may be applied to reduce unwanted hiss and noise.
I have a repertoire suggestion – how can I tell you?
We always love to hear your ideas – why not tweet us @deccaclassics or message us on our Facebook page - www.facebook.com/deccaclassics
Whilst we may not be able to respond to all of your feedback – we will forward any interesting ideas onto the relevant teams
Can you help with any DECCA Records/Deutsche Grammophon enquiries?
For questions about other labels, please contact their websites directly For Decca Records, please visit www.decca.com and for DG please visit www.deutschegrammophon.com
I want to submit a job application – where shall I send it?
If you want to submit a Job Application, please visit the Universal Music Website - www.universalmusic.com/careers
I would like to use/licence a Decca recording
For UK releases, please collect the below information and contact inboxlicensing@umusic.com

-Title and Year of Recording
-Link to Recording/Album
-Catalogue Number
-Country Track was published in
-Description of Use

For all other releases, please contact Universal Music in the country of origin and they will deal with your enquiry directly. You can find their details here - www.umusicpub.com/licensingInfo.aspx
I would like to get in contact with an artist/artist management
Decca Classics are unable to pass on Artist or Artist Management details; however Artist Management details can often be found on the Artist website or online.
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