MILOŠ | News | Miloš is back with new album 'Sound of Silence'

Miloš is back with new album ‘Sound of Silence’

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Described as “The hottest guitarist in the world”, MILOŠ is back with his fifth studio album, and his first recording since 2016, poignantly entitled ‘Sound of Silence’‚ set for release on 13th September on Decca Classics
Last time we saw the Montenegrin-born and London based classical guitarist, his Beatles album ‘Blackbird’ had been received with unanimous acclaim, his new record was already in development and a major international concert tour was booked. It was then that Miloš was struck by an inexplicable but devastating hand injury. Unable to play, he was forced to pull out of multiple engagements and studio dates, with no real sense of when or if he might recover. 
Miloš explains, “There were wonderful audiences waiting for me in concert halls everywhere, from the Royal Albert Hall, to China and Japan, Australia and New Zealand, USA; the craziest dreams were coming true. And then this: I couldn’t play a note.”
At the highest point in his career, the multi-award-winning musician reached the lowest point in his life, and it is this that inspired ‘Sound of Silence’. 
Miloš travelled across Europe seeking help from experts and went through a variety of treatments but each time, after an initial improvement, he would end up feeling weaker. During this time he eventually found a doctor in Zurich who set him on the road to recovery. “One step at a time, with an insane amount of patience and analysis, I finally understood the issue. It was not all about my hand… It became clear that I had suffered an intense burnout too – first physically, from work overload, and then mentally, from the psychological pressure to recover.”
This album is Miloš’ personal reflection on this time. It includes classical guitar pieces he played while rebuilding himself from the ground up, as well as beautifully varied songs he listened to when he had to rest and escape from it all. Milos’ very own takes on songs like Portishead’s ‘Sour Times’, Radiohead’s ‘Street Spirit’ and Leonard Cohen’s ‘Famous Blue Raincoat’ sit alongside guitar pieces by Pujol and Tarrega. Star saxophonist and friend, Jess Gillam joins Miloš for two melancholic duets, as well as hang player and regular collaborator of Björk, Manu Delago for a very special take on the classic song ‘Nights in White Satin’. The whole record is a moving snapshot of an outstanding artist in full grasp of his extravagant musical gifts at a critical moment in his life and career, now set on an exciting new path.
Dr. Alexander Buhr, Managing Director of the Decca Classical Label Group, said, “I’ve worked with Milos throughout his entire recording career. Reflecting on what he went through over the past few years brings up a lot of questions about the daily challenges and expectations musicians face. It fills me with joy and happiness that he is back and, in many ways, a more rounded musician than ever. Working with Milos on this Decca album has been a true inspiration.”
It has been a steady journey back to full health for Miloš for over a year now. Not only does he have tours in the US and Asia already under his belt, he has been able to explore what happened, immersing himself in his guitar playing with a new sense of understanding and using every opportunity to talk in depth and share his experiences with others. Last summer, Miloš made a triumphant return to the concert stage – and not just any stage but that of London’s iconic Royal Albert Hall, where in 2012 he had given the first ever solo guitar recital in the great hall, which was, again, lauded by critics. 
This year and next, Milos embarks upon an extensive live tour of the UK and the world. What’s more, he has a new mission: to help others who find themselves in a similar situation: “Amongst other things, I want to start an inclusive, open and constructive series of conversations about performance related issues. So much of it is unknown and unclear to us. With everything I went through, I just don’t want other musicians to suffer in silence.”

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