WAGNER Ring des Nibelungen / Solti


Der Ring des Nibelungen
The Ring of the Nibelung

Das Rheingold · Die Walküre
Siegfried · Götterdämmerung
George London · Kirsten Flagstad
James King · Régine Crespin
Hans Hotter · Birgit Nilsson
Christa Ludwig · Wolfgang Windgassen
Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau
Wiener Staatsopernchor
Wiener Philharmoniker · Georg Solti a.o.
Int. Release 08 Dec. 2014
1 Blu-ray Audio / Download
Remastered Hard-Back Edition with Libretti
High Fidelity Pure Audio

. . . engineer Gordon Parry capture in blazing stereo one of the most amazing casts ever assembled . . . [the Vienna Philharmonic] plays like ones possessed, sporting a fabulous tone and magnificent brass . . . This is still the best available "Ring" if you are having only one. The sound was always great, and the various incarnations to this point have kept the sonic tradition intact . . . the vocal opulence of this set is likely to remain unsurpassed forever. And now with the most up-to-date sound ever issued, and on only one disc, if you can believe it, this becomes a mandatory purchase for all Wagnerians and classical music lovers in general. I would even go so far as to say, since you can get this for an unbelievable $70--$90, that if you do not own a Blu-ray player, it would be worth buying a cheap one just for this set! The essential album of the year . . .

. . . this is the best that these classic recordings have ever sounded . . . as notable a bargain as ever there was and it gives these superb recordings a new lease of life which I doubt will ever be bettered.

This is not simply an historic recording, not simply an outstanding rendition of the Ring cycle -- it also just happens to sound damn good as well. A must buy, especially at the price.

. . . [artistically, Solti's "Ring" still stands] as "the" version of the "Ring" by which all others are judged.

For 50 years the most talked-about, best-known recording of Wagner's "Ring" Cycle is the Decca set from Vienna conducted by Georg Solti . . .

This was the first-ever complete recording of the "Ring" -- it was completed in 1964 -- and after its latest remastering it sounds better than ever. This massive box set includes Deryck Cooke's invaluable introduction to the "Ring" with musical examples. An incredible bargain!

Solti ouvre une nouvelle perspective mentale et psychologique où Wagner étirant le temps et l'espace appelle à un traitement discographique: l'imagination, la sensation libérées du dictât visuel peuvent se déployer sans limites . . . absolument captivant . . . très articulée et nerveuse, la vision du jeune Solti (46 ans) s'impose toujours grâce à cette acuité expressive plus féline . . . dans une réédition d'autant plus nécessaire qu'elle a fait l'objet d'une remasterisation très bénéfique . . .