GEORG SOLTI The Legacy 1937 - 1997 4784884

Decca's 2-disk Solti set contains many treasures ubcluding some of his earliest recordings. . . Don't miss it.

. . . the timbres, inflections and personalities of his entire cast, from the incandescent Birgit Nilsson down to whoever sang the Page of Herodias and the Second Nazarene, came rushing back to haunt me. No less vivid were the impressions of mingled light and shade, menace and allure, monumentality and finesse that Solti had conjured up for the microphone with the Vienna Philharmonic more than four decades before . . . A veritable legend in his own time . . . On disc, Solti stands before us in the round for what he was -- a working musician, a hard-working musician, one of the first rank.

. . . a fascinating centennial tribute to the conductor . . . all live or unearthed from the studio, and showcasing the versatility of the great man . . . examples of his fine pianism . . . what emerges is a very broad and gripping portrait.