RACHMANINOV The Piano Concertos / Ashkenazy,Previn 4786443

These famous recordings sound better than ever in this attractive set.

The pianist is Vladimir Ashkenazy -- and right there a guarantee of a disc worth hearing . . . I have no reason to argue with that estimate . . . this is indeed a wonderful set to hear many times . . .

Luscious accounts, with Concerto No. 3 particularly dramatic and searching, in remastered Decca sound.

. . . one of the best editions available, simply because of its soloist: Russian pianist Vladimir Ashkenazy . . . Now that they've been remastered, Ashkenazy's interpretations can once again be heard in all their glory -- his rendition of the formidable third concerto (the "Rach 3" of Shine movie fame) leading the way -- with Andre Previn and the London Symphony Orchestra providing rich accompaniment. The Blu-ray disc allows listeners the chance to savor these seminal recordings in the highest audio resolution possible.

. . . the sound and balance are superb, and there's nothing to cloud your sense of Ashkenazy's greatness in all these works . . . What nobility of feeling and what dark regions of the imagination he relishes and explores in page after page of the Third Concerto . . . His rubato is as natural as it's distinctive, and his way of easing from one idea to another shows him at his most intimately and romantically responsive . . . Such imaginative fervour and delicacy are just as central to Ashkenazy's other performances . . . Previn works hand in glove with his soloist. Clearly, this is no one-night partnership but the product of the greatest musical sympathy. The opening of the Third Concerto's Intermezzo could hardly be given with a more idiomatic, brooding melancholy, a perfect introduction for all that's to follow. If you want playing which captures Rachmaninov's always elusive, opalescent centre then Ashkenazy is hard to beat.

. . . [Ashkenazy's Rachmaninov] interpretations are peerless . . .