SZYMANOWSKI Symphoniy No. 3-Song of the night


No. 2 op. 19
No. 3 op. 27
»Song of the night · Piesn o nocy«

Violin Concerto No. 2 op. 61
Ryszard Karcykowski
Kenneth Jewell Chorale
Detroit Symphony Orchestra
Antal Dorati
Chantal Juillet
Orchestre symphonique de Montréal
Charles Dutoit
Int. Release 04 Aug. 2014
1 CD
0289 478 7432 4

Track List

Karol Szymanowski (1882 - 1937)
Symphony No.2, Op.19

Detroit Symphony Orchestra, Antal Doráti

Symphony No.3 - "Chant de la nuit", Op.27

Ryszard Karcykowski, Kenneth Jewell Chorale, Detroit Symphony Orchestra, Antal Doráti

Kenneth Jewell Chorale, Detroit Symphony Orchestra, Antal Doráti


Ryszard Karcykowski, Kenneth Jewell Chorale, Detroit Symphony Orchestra, Antal Doráti

Violin Concerto No.2, Op.61

Chantal Juillet, Neville Marriner, Charles Dutoit

Chantal Juillet, Orchestre Symphonique de Montréal, Charles Dutoit

Total Playing Time: 1:14:54

This disc, most of it last seen on a long deleted Decca Double, still sounds terrific, and features two stalwarts of Decca's historic roster . . . [Szymanowski's] music is beyond gorgeous. Recorded at one of Detroit's long-closed theatres, the Detroit Symphony Orchestra is heard here at the peak of their relationship with Antal Dorati . . . Dorati was a persuasive advocate of a wide variety of music, and his reading of Symphony no. 2, with an almost Romantic first movement, concluded by a raucous and decidedly modern fugue, is very convincing. The centerpiece of the program, the "Song of the Night" opens forbiddingly and ominously, but with tremendous atmosphere and tension . . . Throughout, the Detroit Symphony plays magnificently . . . Decca's engineers deserve credit for so faithfully capturing the orchestral sections, from the solo violin to the very splashy harps. The Violin Concerto no. 2 is a joy . . . a wholly engaging concerto, full of good tunes and plenty of virtuoso twists . . . Chantal Juillet plays marvelously, and Charles Dutoit and his Montréal forces are happily on top form here. A really rewarding disc, especially if you have been waiting (like me) for these fine readings to return to circulation.