BEETHOVEN Diabelli Variations / Ashkenazy


'Diabelli' Variations
'Wranitzky' Variations
Vladimir Ashkenazy
Int. Release 04 Jun. 2007
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Track List

Ludwig van Beethoven (1770 - 1827)
33 Piano Variations In C Major, Op.120 On A Waltz By Anton Diabelli



Vladimir Ashkenazy

Total Playing Time: 59:48

. . . [Ashkenazy tears into the "Diabelli Variations" with] fire and drive . . . the result is sheer magic. One listens, rapt, waiting how Ashkenazy is going to play each succeeding variation, and his energy here is matched by a rare playfulness.

Vladimir Ashkenazy's retreat from public piano performances has coincided with some of his most ambitious studio efforts behind the keyboard in years. His version of Op 120 reveals a more forthright and sharply contoured Beethoven style than in the past: check out his vivid No 10, his blazing No 32 fugue and the impeccable trills in Nos 6 and 16. The slower movements are brisker than usual, yet carry plenty of expressive weight . . . there's much to admire.