Grieg Piano Concerto Radu Lupu



piano concerto
+ schumann: piano concerto
Radu Lupu
London Symphony Orchestra
André Previn
Int. Release 27 Oct. 1999
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CD 0289 466 3832 3 dm Decca ADD

Track List

Robert Schumann (1810 - 1856)
Piano Concerto in A minor, Op.54

Edvard Grieg (1843 - 1907)
Piano Concerto in A minor, Op.16

Radu Lupu, London Symphony Orchestra, André Previn

Total Playing Time: 1:01:27

. . . his playing [Lupu¿s] quietly draws out the troubled underbelly of the Concerto; it's a shadowed, intimate account with well-nuanced detail, haunted by the tragedy at the core of Schumann's beauty.