The World of psalms Choir of St John's College,


vocal - sacred

the world of psalms
18 psalms including
'the lord is my shepherd',
'I will lift mine eyes',
'like as the hart', etc.
Choir of St John's College,
George Guest
Int. Release 30 Jun. 1997
CD 0289 452 9412 4 dwo Decca ADD

Track List

Matthew Camidge (1758 - 1844), Joseph Pring (1776 - 1842)
Psalm 143 "Hear my prayer, O Lord"

The Choir of King's College, Cambridge, David Willcocks

Psalm 84: How Lovely are thy Dwellings

The Choir Of Westminster Abbey, Simon Preston

Psalm 24, '(The) earth is the Lord's' Anglican Chant

Psalm 47 'O clap your hands' Anglican Chant

Psalm 108 'O God my heart is ready' Anglican Chant

Choir Of St. John's College, Cambridge, Jonathan Bielby, George Guest

Psalm 139, ' O Lord, Thou hast searched me out' Anglican Chant

Psalm 49 'O hear ye this, all ye people' Anglican Chant

Psalm 67 ' God be merciful unto me' Anglican Chant

Psalm 39 ' I said I will take heed to my ways' Anglican Chant

Charles Villiers Stanford (1852 - 1924)
Matthew Camidge (1758 - 1844), Charles Hylton Stewart
Psalm 130: 'Out of the deep have I called unto Thee'

Charles Villiers Stanford (1852 - 1924)
Psalm 121: 'I will lift up mine eyes'

Psalm 42: 'Like as the hart' Anglican Chant

Psalm 23: 'The Lord is my Shepherd' Anglican Chant

Psalm 90: 'Lord Thou hast been our refuge' Anglican Chant

Psalm 69: ' Let God arise' Anglican Chant

Psalm 98: 'The Lord is King, the earth may be glad thereof' Anglican Chant

Choir Of St. John's College, Cambridge, John Scott, George Guest

Total Playing Time: 1:12:26