Nicola Benedetti · Ksenija Sidorova
BBC Concert Orchestra
Steven Mercurio
Int. Release 09 Sep. 2013
1 CD / Download
0289 478 5340 4 CD DDD DH

. . . [Concert review BBC Proms]: a beautifully turned Verdi tribute, and out there singing popular stuff for "Proms In the Park" . . . Calleja is surely, alongside Jonas Kaufmann, one of the world's top two tenors . . . he's totally fluent in the [Italian] language, so his Verdi has real idiomatic style. And his range is impressive . . . Calleja carefully husbands his vocal resources . . . the breath control and command of the long line was so perfect, and his tone so headily beautiful . . . Calleja can fill the Albert Hall without strain, even when singing mezzo forte . . . do get his new album of popular favourites, "Amore" (5 stars). He sounds especially joyous throughout . . . Calleja wants to entertain a wider public than those who can afford top seats at Covent Garden or the Met, and he does that here in spades.

. . . the crossover tenor for our times . . . You hear Calleja and know he has a rare talent: the soft vibrato, inflection and honeyed timbre that fits Verdi and Puccini so beautifully. Yet Calleja has more . . .

. . . [palpably in his prime] the Maltese tenor brings a beguiling elegance, supported by some fabulous orchestrations.

. . . Joseph Calleja's new album showcases the tenor's linguistic talents as well as his vocals. It's not just about keeping his opera-loving fans entertained though; Joseph's keen to dispel the myths surrounding the genre, proving once and for all that opera is for everyone.

. . . he's terrific. He has a simply dazzlingly beautiful voice.

. . . un chanteur qui veille à faire mûrir sa voix comme un grand vin.

Ca paye toujours, surtout avec les tubes inoxydables . . .