Seeing is Believing

Introduction by Nico Muhly

Seeing is Believing references the ancient practice of observing and mapping the sky; while writing it, I wanted to mimic the process by which, through observation, a series of points becomes a line – this seemed like the most appropriate way to think about a soloist versus an orchestra. The electric violin is such a specifically evocative instrument and has always reminded me of the 1980s, and I tried, at times, to reference the music attendant to 80s educational videos about science, which always sounded vast and mechanical, and sometimes quite romantic. - read more

Sometime in 2006

Introduction by Nicholas Collon

Sometime in 2006, Aurora’s leader, Thomas Gould, mentioned to me the name of an American composer whose chamber work By All Means he had played as part of a composers’ exchange scheme between the Royal Academy of Music in London and the Juilliard School in New York. Not only that: Tom had also recently bought a six-string electric violin and was brimming with enthusiasm for the idea of a concerto for his new toy. How about putting the two together? - read more


Aurora gratefully acknowledges the generous ongoing support of its Patrons, Friends and Supporters, particularly: Monica Bertoni, GML International Ltd, an anonymous foundation, Eduardo Tamraz, two anonymous individual donors, Graham and Jackie Brown, and the Paul Morgan Foundation. Thanks are also owed to Guinness Asset Management for sponsorship of Thomas Gould‘s electric violin, and to the Hattori Foundation for a grant towards the commission of Seeing is Believing. - read more