Please find here our list with Frequently Asked Questions - yours might be among them.

  1. I need permission from Decca to use one of your recordings, or a part of one, for my film/play/advertisement etc. How can I obtain this permission?
    Please contact our colleagues at Universal Classics & Jazz in your country.
  2. I’ve found an item on your website, but it is not available in my local shop. Why not?
    The releases presented in this website are our international releases. These are distributed to retailers and marketed to you by separate Universal Classics & Jazz operating companies in over 40 countries.

    Each company, at its discretion and within certain limits, can choose to retain only those items in its local catalogue which sell best in its market. You can still ask your shop to import an international item, even if not available locally, though this will cost extra.
  3. Is there a full discography of all the Decca releases ever made?
    No we are not currently able to offer this service. It is however, still possible to buy old Decca catalogues from antiquarian bookselling websites.
  4. I’m looking for an old recording, but it doesn’t seem to be available either locally or in your international catalogue. Is there any way still to find it?
    Yes. Check our online catalogue using the text search function to find out if any of the repertoire is available on another release under another catalogue number. If you still do not see it, that means that it is currently not available. Increasingly, however, we are bringing old recordings back into our catalogue digitally so that you can download them, and the recording you’re looking for may be available digitally in the near future. And if you have any suggestions for reissues, please contact us.

    If you’re still looking for a CD, have a look at this website website for a list of second hand stores, where you may be able to find out of print discs.
  5. What will be released or re-released by Decca Classics in the near future? ?
    Please see catalogue page. The Advanced Search allows you to choose "Future Releases First". These show releases for the next few months ahead.
  6. What are Decca's plans for DVD-Video and Blu-ray
    Please see our DVD for details on our current and future DVD-Video releases.